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Dream wedding with short budget - A ROSE IS A ROSE

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Dream wedding with short budget - A ROSE IS A ROSE (by Ashley), Cheap doesn't mean that your wedding flowers can't be beautiful. All flowers are lovely no matter what they cost. They can cost you a bundle, but there are many ways to save yourself a bundle as well.

The first decision to make is whether or not you want silk or real flowers.  We recommend silk flowers because of the ease.  However, real flowers can be a beautiful addition to your wedding.  Keep in mind that real flowers need to be nurtured even up to the moment you say “I Do”.  If you have someone who can monitor the freshness of your real flowers, by all means, have them!  If you want to save yourself and your loved ones a little stress, choose silk!

If you do choose fresh flowers, we recommend commissioning the services of a professional florist. Working with real flowers is an art that probably shouldn’t be taken on by a novice.  If you do commission a florist, avoid using the “W” word (wedding) as they will most often charge you much more for wedding flowers as opposed to a few bouquets for a random event.  Keep in mind that a professional florist will not save you any money.  They come at a premium price, so be prepared. Consider ordering fresh flowers from an online wholesaler.  You can get some of the best prices around.

However, as we mentioned, unlike at a florist, you will be responsible for all of the prep work of cleaning and trimming them, and keeping them alive until the wedding.

If you’re going for a simple look, you might want to contact a local farmer.  Where I live, there is an iris farm who will sell you bulk irises at a discounted rate.  Find your local farmer’s market and pick up some freshly cut flowers for a simple bouquet.  Consider also picking flowers from your own garden.

Remember that flowers are simply garnishes.  There’s no need to go overboard with nosegays or hand-held masterpieces for the ceremony.  The real stars of the show are you, your intended, and your wedding party.  The flowers simply add to the overall package.

Consider calling a local community college for your flowers.  Many local colleges offer courses in flower arranging.  For a small fee, they may be quite accommodating in allowing their students to “practice” for your wedding at a huge discounted price – often for the cost of the flowers alone.  Just be prepared for what you get.  It might be beautiful, it might be mediocre.  As stated before, don’t place too much emphasis on the flowers – they are simply garnishes.

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