Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wedding theme - beach

wedding theme about beach - Since the wedding is being held at the beach a Hawaiian or Tropical Caribbean theme would be appropriate. Use the bold colors of the tropics for flowers and dress styles (including the bride and groom) with a tropical flair, and you are sure to have a wedding that will be remembered for years to come. If the wedding is in the evening, then the aisle can be lit by Hawaiian Tiki torches, or even by candles floating in water.

You could also go with a Surfer themed wedding for daytime with surfboards arranged to form the promenade archway and the wedding arch. They certainly will not fly away in a wind gust.

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Beach Seating and Flooring Ideas
wedding beach decorationIf it is at all in your budget, you should consider temporary flooring for solid footing beneath the chairs. If the wedding is an informal one, then use beach chairs for the guests to sit in. This eliminates the necessity to put flooring down underneath the chairs. Make sure the area where the ceremony is to take place is on a solid platform. If the ring drops into sand it might be lost for a while.

Wedding Photographer Preparations
It is imperative that you have a photographer that is prepared for outdoor photos no matter what the lighting. Be sure to give your photographer clear details, so he is ready for a cloudy day or a sunny day. Some photographers will suggest having your ceremony when the sun is setting because people are less likely to squint at these times, so you will have some decisions make on this matter.
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Wedding Cake

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